8 Biggest Fashion Trends for This Fall

The time has finally arrived, my personal favorite time of year, when the leaves are changing colors and so gracefully falling off the trees…fall fashion


The cool breeze is slowly wisping over us…


The holidays will soon arrive…


All of this can only mean one thing – fall has officially begun.


And, while the cool air, the delicious food, and the family time that accompanies this season are great – the fashion trends come in as just about as exciting in my book.


From boots to scarves to those luxurious cardigans…


What is there not to love about fall fashion?


But, just like the seasons change, the fashion that goes with each season also changes. What you have worn in the past – even as recent as last fall – might already be out in the world of fashion trends.


So, before you grab your box of fall clothes from last year or the year before, it might be time to check out what the biggest fashion apparel trends will be this fall:


  1. Florals Anytime I think of floral, even in fashion, my first thought is the floral couch my parents had in the early 90s…When I see that thing in pictures, I am always so glad that it is gone.

    While floral furniture might not be totally back in style yet, floral fashion is. It can be a big print, small print, partial print…

    There are so many options when it comes to floral items and this is one of the easiest ways to look stylish without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

    Some of our next fashion trends – like glitter or the hot mess look might be a little much for some

  2. Fringe Fringe has been plaguing the world of bohemian fashion, and we’re bringing it right into fall as well.From fringe sleeves to completely fringe jackets, to shirts with fringe accents. So, it looks like you can grab those fringe boots from a few years ago because they are still just as hip as ever!
  3. Glitter, Glitter, and more Glitter Glitter seems to have been slowly making a comeback – right now, glitter tennis shoes appear to be hot in the fashion apparelBut, it doesn’t stop there…

    This fall you can catch people wearing glitter items of all kinds – from shoes to dresses to skirts, and more.

    But, come on, it does add a little extra sparkle to the world, right?

  4. Hot Mess I don’t know about you, but there are several days where I wake up already rocking this fashion trend…It doesn’t take much to look a hot mess, but who knew it would actually become a trend?

    Luckily for us women, that means our getting ready time can be cut in half – there isn’t much to do when you just need to look like a hot mess.

    But, this fashion trend is really focused on incorporating clothing items that look grungy – big clothing, sleeves that are too long, mix-matched pieces, and other things you might think makes someone look the absolute opposite of put together.

    I think this is a fashion trend I can easily get behind.

  5. Gold I think it is safe to say gold never really went out of style… Every color is always “in style”, so to speak. But, there are times when a certain color really gets to be the center of attention…And, this season, it is gold’s turn.

    Metallic gold is plaguing the fashion world right now and it looks like you better get your hands on some for this fall!

  6. Patchwork Do you remember that old quilt at your grandmother’s house that was made up of several different patches? Maybe they had some sort of meaning, or maybe not…Well, now that same patchwork look will be making it right into your closet – but this time, on your clothes.
  7. One Shoulder The one shoulder look is probably my least favorite – not because it isn’t cute, but rather because I don’t think it is practical for too long considering it can get a bit chilly by the end of fall…However, it is still making the list for hot fashion trends this fall because all the runway models are rocking it.
  8. Political SlogansPeople are no longer just taking to Facebook to share their political views…Now, they are wearing them on shirts.

    So, if you feel strongly about something, chances are you can find a shirt this fall to represent it.


Based on these fashion trends that are plaguing our fall fashion this year, it seems to be the trend of reverting back to styles of our past is going to press forward…


From one shoulder pieces to florals to patchwork.


So, instead of grabbing your box full of last year’s fall fashion, why not try grabbing your fall fashion from the early 90s? Then your outfit is sure to be on point!


Which fall fashion trend are you going to rock the most this year? Let us know in the comments!

Collaborative Post by Annabelle Short.
Annabelle Short is a writer and seamstress of more than 5 years. Annabelle splits her time between London and Los Angeles. She likes to sew clothes and make crafts with kids in her free time. Annabelle currently writes for GCGme and several other fashion companies.

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