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What do I do when I start a blog post?

Getting started can be the hardest part…so here is where I start, and tweaks that I do while writing a post. Now that I have a pattern in place…I want to make it easier for the AvaGraceBizGals!

*I research the idea.

Names of photos, names of posts, words you use online matter…it’s SEO. If you want people to search and find you…we have to consider Search Engine Optimization. So you have to think like you are searching for something…then USE a TOOL. I use, I signed up & use the Keyword Tool area to see if people are actually using the words I think the would use. Or in Google AdWords there is a keyword planner.

It’s the difference between the title “Making a Vest out of a Scarf” VS.” How to Tie a Scarf into a Vest”. I know from the tool that “how to tie a scarf” is highly searched and “making a vest” doesn’t. Do you get it?

*Write & Edit.

This is English 101.  We can use lists, guides, how-to tutorials, videos & just kind of like rants and riffs on topics.

*Add photos/images.

Refer to tip #1…When naming photos & images, we need to be mindful of what would people be searching for…remember that images tab at the top of Google. It has to do with that- naming it after research & think about what people search that will help your mages show up under that tab.

Also, SIZE matters. If your post is bogged down by HUGE images, it will take HUGE time to load & people may not stick around for that!

*Add links to MY other posts where appropriate.

If I am talking about scarf tying tricks, it is very appropriate to link to a scarf to use that trick. See this example.

*Add a Click to Tweet.

If you want people tweeting your posts, make it easy for them. I am so much more likely to tweet when I see that right there telling me to do it. It brings it to the top of my mind & I do it! I use a click to tweet plug in for my WordPress site. Like below:

*Add a Pinnable Image.

Blog Writing Checklist

Pin THIS for Later!!!

If you want people to pin about your post, give them a good image and tell them to pin it for later.

So…remember the image tips above. Size matters.  I may be the only one but I think the pin image size of 736 X 1128 is enormous and many bloggers put this at the very top of their post. As this ginormous image loads I have often been clicking back and forth wondering if I got to the right place…where is the post…I want to see the checklist, what the hell is this picture in the way. I want to see words. Yes, I am that reader, impatient & easily distracted.

So for now I am using the ratio but NOT the size suggested. I do my pin images in but instead of the standard pin template there, I use a custom size of 400 X 600 pixels.

It’s a tall pin but I think it’s more size friendly. For now, I am researching this. I want it to be user friendly & strategic…I want to suggest that they pin the image but not at the cost of load time & risking confusion.

*Set Featured Image (this may just be a WP thing).

*Do rel= “nofollow” coding.

When doing affiliate links (where you get paid for sending your readers to a site) you MUST know about this. I will not go into it deep but you can get into a lot of trouble…like lose your website and pay fines type trouble if you ignore it.

Here is a great post on it with the why & how to (including pictures) to show exactly were to put that snippet of code & I may write more about this in another post.

*Add a Content Upgrade.

Can you add a printable version or do you have a video on this topic? There are ways to have a box & ask people to put in their email then they get that upgrade and you get to build your email list! Using a pop up or other plug in like Bloom by Elegant Themes. So important…it’s a WIN-WIN.

PS- perfect example~~this checklist is in my Business Resources & you can get it by adding your email below!

*Publish. Pin. Promote. Email.

This step is a post on it’s own! Promotion and sharing is important.

FYI- this is an amazing Facebook Marketing course I took Honey Badger 101– Kelly of Directly Successful teaches you to be kick ass with your facebook game! You will be glad you got in on it!

Sooner than later I plan to make a printable checklist of this for you & it will be here….OH! See you CAN also come back later. Add links to new posts that relate to an old topic, add a content upgrade, add a pinnable image. Maybe some of these ideas will have you changing things up on your old posts too.

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Comment below, are you adding anything to YOUR blog routine? Did this just scare your into NEVER having a blog?

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