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You may or may not have noticed but I have started to write more blog posts. It took a little convincing…but again and again I heard from business coaches, trainers & even other boutique owners say you NEED to start blogging.

BTW…I love it! I love giving value to my Ava Grace Gals. I love teaching & helping you all make things EASIER.

Like~How to Tie a Scarf into a Vest, making style easier.

Like~Rock & Roll Festival 2016, making local living & fun easier.

I got my blogging toes wet with & will continue to do all the categories I have for my blog, style, life, events, travel, sustainability made easy. These posts create reasons for Google & other search engines to look at & gives them a reason to have my business pop up in search results for more people who I can help.

So I love helping my AGgals & I want more Gals to find me so I can help them too! 

But as I got thinking and after the push from AGgals Tess & Lany (<3), I added a category to my blog called Business Made Easy.

They told me to quit keeping all you know a secret! This is a category where I can really help business women do things easier. This is a really specific group of AvaGraceBizGals! So welcome if that is YOU & thank you for reading thus far.

I love teaching other business owners how to make things easier. I have been involved with many women in business groups, have had sit down strategy sessions with friends doing their own business and as a member of Reach Connect Uplift Women (RCUW) & I did a free weekly “Real Talk” video for their YouTube channel about life in general but it evolved to focus on teaching about business successes. What was working for me, what was I, as a business woman online & with a brick and mortar local shop, feeling frustrated with? I did 37 to be exact, HERE they are!

And for years now I have been telling people, go check out this business coach or that course & No I will not “run your Facebook for you” LOL I do see courses in my future to help you AvaGraceBizgals, so STAY TUNED!!!

The first thing I want to share with you is my process I go thru as I write a blog. That post is brewing! (It’s done now…over here)

So HOW did I decide to start blogging…a review:

  • Smart business women told me it was working for them…YES even & especially another boutique owner with a physical location & online presence, just like me.
  • My tribe of amazing women kept encouraging me in business & in life in general. Tess, Lany, Sheryl, Kirstin, Jesse B, Heather all come to the top of my mind.
  • Courses like Live More Weigh Less helped me get deeper into me & see I have done the work to learn this business. Now it’s time to share it (Tell Sarah I sent you…her class is open for a limited time now & yes I am an affiliate for her-just tell her Jessica Maynard-Gilbert referred you)

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    Pin this for later!!

I also realized these things…

  • Blogging is good info for my Gals-Value for them.
  • Blogging is good info to share in social media & emails to my customers-Value for them.
  • Blogging is a good reasons for Google & Bing to have me show up in search results. Value for my business. WIN-WIN!


PS-I do want to recommend a couple classes that I have taken, even when I start doing courses these will great compliments to what I teach!!

Blogging by Numbers I am a learner. I feel better when I know a ton about something before I do it myself, so I bought an ebook on blogging & did little with it 🙁 Then that author, Suzi, created a course with that information…JACKPOT! Now I could listen & follow along. Suzi’s class & book are great. I am glad to send  you over to her affordable, in depth course!

Honey Badger 101 course (this class is the reason that people are constantly asking me if I will “do” their Facebook page for them! It’s only open limited times (as I am writing this, I know it is OPEN, so go see if now is the time to get to be kick ass on Facebook!)

Comment below, do you see the value in blogging for your business? What is holding you back?

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