Necklaces for Women ~a how to!

Your outfit is like a nice, pretty cupcake but adding a necklace is like putting icing on the cake!

How to wear long necklaces!

Well, I think this is the easiest style upgrade for women. You don’t have to worry about the clasp in the back~most of the time you can put on your cute outfit then throw that necklace on over your head and out the door you go! Another great thing about a long necklace~they make you look thinner. WHAT!?! Yup, a long necklace makes your silhouette appear longer and leaner and therefore you look thinner!

feathered necklace

How to wear a statement necklace or a short necklace!

When you wear a short or statement necklace you draw other people’s eye up to the bling or color or detail of that necklace. They get to see your smiling, beautiful face! This is also an easy style because it’s all in one necklace, just clasp it on and go! This is great for a working lady who has a busy morning routine!

Beaded Bib necklace       Black & White Necklace

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How to wear more than 1 necklace at a time!

Well look at you, wanting to step up your game a notch! I have often paired 2 necklaces together to get another look out of a style. Say I wear a short, simple chain with a stone, I have a casual look. Now if I come home quickly & get a call to meet some of the girls for a glass of wine and appetizers at a local hang out I can take the color from the stone or the same tone of metal and add another necklace. This is a simple way to take that casual look up to the next level. Your friend’s won’t be able to put their finger on why today you look on your game and confident but it will be this simple trick that can take casual home/work to casual evening in a flash!!

image                                      image

Don’t be afraid of jewelry. Adding a necklace (long, short or a few) is an easy way to take your style to the next level. I think you will really be surprised about the confidence adding this 1 thing will build for you!


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