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So many of you AvaGraceGals told me over the summer that they cannot wear scarves in the summer well I helped y’all out with a video teaching them HOW TO TIE A SCARF INTO A VEST!

This video was on our Facebook Page and at the time that I am sharing it here on the blog, it has over 3,500 views there. Let’s just say people like it! It’s only 2 minutes long but I want to share it with all of you too! Let’s expand your scarf style!!

See it’s Easy Peasy! All you need is a rectangular scarf. the audio on the video isn’t all that hot so

Here’s the How to:

**Make sure the tag is at the bottom (if it has one), I forgot to say that in the video***

Fold in half the long way.

Take that smaller rectangle, those 2 top corners, now tie a small knot.

Last, Open it up = Arm holes & Tada!!!

Here are some looks for you!

Click the photos, they are linked to that scarf (until it’s sold out)!


how to tie a scarf results pic 1

This scarf is a bit wider & therefore a bit longer when it becomes a vest…

how to tie a scarf into a vest result 2

PS The dress worn by the mannequin is HERE!

The super fun thing is that this look can be worn partnered with so many tops and dresses like in the photos above & it can be worn year round based on the item worn underneath. I love how easy a scarf vest can dress up all these things below:

over a bandeau (I found this on Amazon for you & it’s made in the USA)  bandeau bra black

a tank top (I love how flowing this one is!)   Black tank top

your favorite t shirt (like the veronica v-neck here!)       Veronica V Neck Black

or a closet basics long sleeve tee (can you see a fun pattern scarf over top! So cute!!)    Solid Dolman Top


Comment below, Will you wear a scarf as a vest? Tell me about it!!


how to tie a scarf into a vest 2

how to tie a scarf into a vest 1

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