VIP Box February 2017- Subscription Box

Every month our subscription box called the VIP Box goes out. In each box is a stylish scarf, a video is created to help the gals tie & wear that type of scarf and they get valuable coupons to use on my website & a few other great businesses as well!

This month I chose a tube scarf called the Knit Fringe Scarf for the Gals. Here is the video with ideas about how to wear this & watch to see the fun trick that gives it great versatility!

February 17 VIP Box -Subscription BoxI just love the versatility this provides! The subscription box is great for anyone who loves scarves & wants to have a new look automatically coming to you OR for someone who know that scarves are amazing for your style but you don’t know where to start. In both cases the VIP Box will be your go-to helper.

Don’t go searching for videos and don’t go shopping all over the place, become a subscription box “Gal” today with the discount code: feb10 which gets you $10 off a 3, 6 or 12 month membership! Just click on over HERE to use that code!

Comment Below, had you ever worn a Tube Scarf before? Do you love the versatility???

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