When someone is unkind

I woke this morning-that is a blessing. It was early but I didn’t fall back to sleep so I grabbed my phone to check social media (that is what we biz folks do-well I think many of us do) I  was greeted with a comment on one of my Facebook Live videos. A friend (super supportive-awesome friend) had shared it out to her circle. That is what friends should do if they are being supportive & think what your biz does will help, serve or brighten other people’s day, Right!!

So here is the comment:

What to do when people are mean!
“You need to put on some makeup. Do your hair and put on a nice outfit if you want to sell these clothes. You don’t appear professional”

WELL then…OUCH <—–that is me reacting to the gut punch feeling then I opened it up and read it again. Did I really read that right??? UCK <—–yup I read that right. (I think there were some bad words thought in my head at that point)

So what do I do when someone is unkind?? Do I let this stop me? Do I do what they say to fit their definition of what I should be or do? (if you know me personally-I think you know this is not too likely)

#1 I did NOT comment back or engage. This is my friend’s post…I am not making it battleground zero for my hurt feelings. I am also aware, because I have great business trainers that warned me, that when you put yourself out there for your business, you risk scrutiny & meanies. I have been prepared! Thank you for that ladies!


Now let’s get this right out of the way- I have done 6 videos & made 7 sales……….<—–the dots are me letting that settle for a minute. SO THERE!!!! 😛 You are wrong. (Is it okay that that makes me extra satisfied- thank you to the gals that are digging the videos & this super easy way to shop)


Mean comment lady-You don’t dig me, that is okay. Like super okay.


Me and my #AvaGraceGals are busy, working moms who are sometimes lucky to leave home with deodorant on, let alone full makeup & fancy hair (maybe that is just me LOL)  and I am betting that isn’t you mean comment lady. It’s okay.


Ava Grace has clothes in sizes XS to 3X that you can dress up or dress down depending a lot your accessories, shoes & bag. I’ve worn the same dress to a wedding, work & the beach depending on my shoes, earrings and bag. It’s about comfort, ease and looking cute and put together without it taking hours. This may not be you, it’s okay.


Also everything is made in the USA, from a local artist or a local distributor or it’s eco-friendly, Ava Grace makes is effortless to #ShopConcious, that may not be important to you, it’s okay….well I can’t say I think that is okay- I think everyone should be aware of what and where and how and who is benefiting locally from their spending….


I do the videos at the end of the day (I am not fresh out of the shower) so my gals will hopefully be done with work and be able to see the video live or will catch the replay after she feeds her kids dinner after baseball when she finally sits down for the evening.  The #1 purpose is to make shopping EFFORTLESS for them- they don’t have to come to the store, they don’t even have to click on the website. Just comment & off we go.


Are my videos perfect? NOPE. I have only done 6 of them & I am learning. I believe serving my gals is better done and improving than never done because I need it to be perfect. Will they get better, you bet ya! (See I am watching things like how long should it be, how many items do I feature, what kind of deal should I offer, how many days a week is right-I want to do what my gals want & need<——very unprofessional of me.)


The outfits I wear in the videos are either from the store now or in the past DUH! I do mix in some everyday things that I don’t have here at Ava Grace. I don’t carry jeans or shorts with numbered sizes so I get them elsewhere. I like to show that you can mix these new Ava Grace Fashions in with what you already have in your closet.


This is last for a reason-LOOKS MATTER LITTLE to me. Whether I wear makeup and use a curling iron does NOT make me professional and help me serve the #AvaGraceGals. Do I do those things? Sometimes, usually Saturday and Sunday when I don’t have to pack a kid lunch and drive the kiddo to school. Am I saying it’s wrong to? NOPE. My satellite store is at my hair stylist/make up artist & she wears make up daily & think she is awesome. I love to see how women show themselves to the world. Style, fashion, make up, tattoos- I find you all so beautiful and interesting.


So mean comment lady, if you were really truly concerned for my business (as a fellow small business owner-yes I stalked her a little) and for my customers having to endure my unprofessional ways. Thank you, I hope I have educated you on what I am up to with Ava Grace & shown you things are thought out, deliberate & always flexible and improving.

If you were not concerned & just being mean well…you are what is wrong with social media-mean people with keyboards and no regard for what they can do to another human, body shaming/looks shaming because I don’t look like you or how you think I should and as a women’s issue, would you comment like that on a man’s video?? We have the scroll option for a reason, so I hope you shake your head and scroll on next time & don’t be a bully because I think you embarrassed our friend, she deleted your comment.


So back to the topic at hand, what do you do when someone is unkind?? Tell me in the comments.

I pray that you spread compliments & love to others just in case someday they wake up to a message like I did today. I pray you use your scroll option, not everything needs to be said or said by you or said publicly.  I pray that no matter what it never stops you from doing your beautiful purpose in this world.I pray that you don’t change who you are to fit someone else’s “should” definition for you. I pray you feel the feelings, express the feelings then let them go in a creative way that may benefit to world like I did, in this snarky little blog post.

I would love for you to check me out on Facebook: Click here & prepare to be loved immensely & be part of my experiment as I figure out how to help make your life, style & shopping as EFFORTLESS as I can!!

PS- I will wear makeup and “do” my hair when I can and when it makes me feel prettier that day. I am blessed to have a husband who doesn’t like me to wear it–he says I don’t need it 😀

PPS- I am thinking as I am finishing up if we were in high school my sister would so beat you up, like that boy who called me names that she yelled at and pushed when we were kids–Ahhh Maynard Girls 😀


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