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Fashion TipsWho says a curvy woman can’t kill it in the fashion department? Just because you are not a size zero, doesn’t mean that you should not step out of your house every day looking like you just came off the runway.


You are doing yourself an injustice by hiding your curves – get out there and embrace them!


Below are a few fashion tips for how to rock your curves and show off your fashion sense.


  1. Don’t hide your belly, embrace it!Many curvy women spend their time and money trying to find shapewear that will promise to hide their belly and make them look completely flat. But, most of the time the shapewear and high-waisted jeans under-deliver and leave you with rolls in place you don’t even have them.
  2. Try on numerous sizes when you’re shopping.Everything is not one size fits all, and not all sizes are the same. The fit of a certain size varies by garment, store and location the garment was manufactured in. Once you try on something and it doesn’t fit, it can be discouraging. But, just remember, not all sizes are the same. Don’t go off size, go off what feels the best and what flatters your body. Size is only a number, after all.
  3. Add a great pair of knee-high or thigh-high boots to your closet.It is no secret that elongating your legs, or your body, will always make you look thinner. A great pair of high boots can elongate your legs, making you look taller and therefore, making you look thinner.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t hide your curves.We cannot express enough how much hiding your curves, only accentuates them. Curvy women, and just women in general, tend to get in this mindset that if they wear baggy clothes, nobody will be able to see their curves, so they will look smaller. However, this is a myth. Hiding behind baggy clothes that are way too big for you will only make you look bigger.
  5. Make best friends with a tailor.Clothes were not made specifically for your body; they are made to fit a general audience. Therefore, every now and then a woman will find something that looks like it was made just for her, but this is rare. One of the best tricks to accentuating your assets and rocking your curves is to have your clothes tailored. This guarantees they will fit perfectly.
  6. Learn your fabrics.Different materials sit differently on the body. They also can accentuate different parts because of how they fit. It is important to find a fabric that is both flattering and comfortable.
  7. Invest in quality undergarments.A great bra and panties will not only make you feel sexier, but it will help accentuate some of your best attributes. And you’ll always be ready for if a night at the club gets a little crazy.
  8. Focus on what makes YOU happy.While yes, you want to dress to impress, ultimately you are the one stuck wearing the outfit. Always choose a style that you feel comfortable in. You will always look top-notch when you know that you are rocking the outfit. Confidence shows, ladies – and it is a sexy trait.

There are plenty of great tricks in the book to make you look like a runway model straight from New York Fashion Week! Don’t be afraid to try new things and to have your own style. Just because you have curves does not mean you are at a disadvantage – you have that much more to show off! Try embracing something like a custom logo or tag for your next pocket tee. Make something your own and add your own flare.


Another great fashion tip – once you have taken all the above tips to heart and invest in a new wardrobe, take care of your clothes. Keeping your clothes in tip-top shape is the key to maintaining a fashionable wardrobe. Check out laundry labels to keep up with the material of your clothing. Nowadays – with many tag free products, the washing instructions often get washed off, but with these tags you can just add it yourself.

Guest Post by Annabelle Short is a seamstress, mother, and blogger. Thank you for your insights Annabelle!

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