Class of 2016 Graduation Gift Guide

How to find the PERFECT Graduation gift for that Special Someone this year!

Graduation Gift Giving made Easy!

As someone you love is leaving high school and going off to college or leaving college and starting their own, celebration of the end & beginning at the same time is so key. Keep these 3 things in mind to help you pick the right graduation gift to give.

1. Inspire them!

It is a great accomplishment to finish but graduation is really a beginning of something even better. Inspire them to have the greatest college days or tell them to keep going now that they will be entering the working world and fulfilling their dreams.


I think of a piece of jewelry with words of encouragement being perfect for this. The inspiring bracelets pictured below are very affordable so it would be a great small gift to give then add a bit of cash (which always fits)!

Metallic Inspiring Message Bracelet

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2. Give a Bit of Home!

When a gal is leaving what she is used to, bringing a piece of home helps! The problem is your dorm room or your first apartment away from home is not always that spacious.


I think some wall art is in order. Find something that speaks your heard to hers. Every time she walks past it, it will feel like a hug from home! These plaques are either wooden or metal with a bit of glitter for that girly girl!

Inpirational Plaques -perfect gift

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3. Grown Up Fashion!

These gals are new to something BIG! They are starting something new! Taking the step into a new chapter often means new style is appropriate. Job interviews and internships will require something different than what they have in their closet now.


Give the gift of “grown up” fashion-those things that every woman needs. I think of scarves right off! It adds personality, style (and let’s face it- will cover a stain on a blouse like a boss!! PS- don’t forget to teach her this, the covering up a stain too) 

These scarves are all shapes and sizes and colors to fit any gals style! You can also direct your grad to my FREE Scarf Tying Video, Click here!!

Scarves a Perfect gift

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No matter what you give your Class of 2016 graduate~make it a celebration of her, where she has been, where she is going & support her future!

Are you buying a Graduation Gift this year?? What was the best thing you got as a gift when you graduated??? Comment Below!


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Class of 2016 Gift Guide

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