Closet Talk 2020 (Part 1)

Your closet can be your best friend and your worst nightmare at the same time. In my experience, the closet holds the most memories! That white lace top you wore with those cute jeans and ankle boot on your first date. How about that plaid blazer you paired with the white my favorite tee with the cute skinny jeans. The comfortable heels you wore for your job interview the other day.

There is no doubt in my mind that your closet is overflowing with wonderful memories and sadly some things that could be a little…outdated. Turns out that white lace top you wore on your first date is actually three years old. Those jeans decided to wear out on you.

It is time for an upgrade in your closet and there is no better place to find some updated clothes and new styles than Ava Grace Fashions.  But First Let’s Make ROOM!!!


  1. Go through your closet, if there is something that is pilling or looks old and worn out, just trash it.  
  2. Don’t be afraid to get rid of those clothes that just don’t fit right any more or are completely outdated.  Your body changes and that is okay. Also, with washings some clothing changes. It’s okay.
  3. You may feel like you don’t want to get rid of it because you don’t know when it will be replaced. For those gorgeous ladies out there, that have this problem I can relate to this. I have found though that once I got rid of that over-sized, pilled up shirt that I have had for four years, I felt my closet and I became ready for a new adventure and more exciting memories. 
  4. Go online or shop somewhere with great display ideas (Ava Grace hint-hint LOL) or spend some time finding some fashion ideas that suit you and your personality. Online shopping is huge now-a-days and it is not that hard to order something and have it shipped directly to you.  
  5. And last but not least, have some fun updating your closet! If you are worried about whether or not something is your style or not, call a close friend and ask their opinion. Make a party out of updating your closet. Put on a fashion show where you criticize all your clothing choices over the years and remember all the good memories you had in those outfits and then put them to rest. 

Trash, Donate or Sell as needed.

By doing these 5 simple steps you can save your closet from being outdated and completely embarrassed with itself. You deserve a new start with this new year and so does your closet. 

5 Tips for Updating your Closet

Written by Rebecca Isaman~Ava Grace Fashions Stylist

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