Closet Talk 2020 (Part 2) 2

Jewelry is one of the key pieces in pulling together an outfit. It is the little something extra to enhance that black shirt with the red faux fur coat with the jeans and black ankle boot. That necklace that dangles down from your neck with the little bit of sparkle that makes people’s heads turn when they see this woman so put together walking down the street.

Adding jewelry to your outfit and you don’t have just any old boring outfit. You have a masterpiece. You are making a statement. You are telling the world that you know fashion and are completely confident in who you are and aren’t afraid to show it!

Here are five must-have pieces of jewelry that should be in your closet:

  • Long dangle necklace. A long dangle necklace with a little bit of shine to it. This piece will help you glam up any outfit that you may think is missing something. If you have a plain shirt with your go-to jeans and a sparkle long necklace, you’re rocking the world with your fashion choice. 
  • Diamond earrings. They don’t have to be real but they should be something that is going to make you feel like a million bucks. Diamond earrings are a girl’s best friend in any situation. That dinner date you are late for and can’t find the right pair of earrings to go with your outfit, diamond studs have got you covered. They will add the perfect amount of sparkle to complete your look.  
  • Pearls. Pearls give an outfit that older more mature vibe when going somewhere. They look amazing with a black dress with a poncho and comfortable heal. The pearl earrings will give you the look of a woman who knows what she wants and is not going to let anyone get in her way. On the other hand they can bring this soft vibe that says you’re a sweet innocent woman who knows she is amazing and won’t ever let anyone tell her different. 
  • Feather earrings. Feather earrings are a perfect piece of jewelry to go with any outfit. You can wear them with a graphic tee shirt with jeans and any shoe you prefer, you can dress them up and wear them with dress pants and a fancy top. It doesn’t matter what kind of outfit you wear, feather earrings are a definite must have in your jewelry selection. 
  • Tassel necklace. A tassel necklace is always a good thing to have. You can put it with a more casual but fun outfit. If you are going shopping on a warm sunny day, a pair of white or denim shorts with a purple my favorite tee and a sandal is a great way to go and add a tassel necklace and your outfit is complete! 

Written by Rebecca Isaman~ Ava Grace Fashions Stylist

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