Easy Ways to Clean your Jewelry 1

“Jewelry makes you look younger.”

“Fashion is the cupcake and jewelry is the frosting & sprinkles on top!”

A piece of jewelry can be an affordable way to add that last detail to a perfect outfit. Costume jewelry is affordable but no part of it is real, fine jewelry. High fashion jewelry is a still reasonably priced alternative to high-priced tag fine jewelry. The problem comes when sometimes that jewelry turns a different color and looks tarnished.

So how do we gals get the benefits of affordable jewelry and keep it looking nice and clean? Here are a few tips:


If you keep your jewelry in a drawer or special box or a jewelry armoire, you can do a very simple thing. keep jewelry cleanAdd a piece of chalk to that container. It will soak up humidity that may get into contact with your jewelry. This is also an amazing way to reuse all of those little silica packets that you get in your purses or shoe boxes when you purchase them. You can take one or two and toss it into your jewelry box to help soak up that humidity that is so damaging to your jewelry.

*Avoid the “S”es

Don’t swim. Keep your Jewelry Clean

Don’t sweat.

Don’t sleep.

Don’t shower.

Don’t spray.

Doing things like swimming or working out while wearing your jewelry will shorten the life of it. And what I mean by don’t spray is don’t use your hair spray or perfume or body spray after your jewelry is on. It will leave a film or residue over time.

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave. Avoid these things and you will have cleaner jewelry, longer.

*Jewelry Cloth

A jewelry cloth is a soft cloth made specifically to rub your jewelry to keep it nicer. They can be found in so many places and are an easy way to keep your jewelry clean.

*Keep it Organized

Keep your jewelry organized. I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to not store your jewelry in your bathroom. This is simply not an environment that is good for most jewelry. I encourage you to have a small box, jewelry box or if you were traveling consider a jewelry roll. Check out this blog post for more information on a jewelry roll.

*As a last resort

I have personally use this method successfully and have seen it also used on YouTube but I do caution that depending on the materials your costume or high fashion jewelry is made out of, it could do more harm than good. There is a chemical reaction that happens between the tinfoil baking soda and boiling water and it does take tarnished silver and brighten it up.

Please, do this at your own risk & maybe so a small piece to see if you like the result.

jewelry cleaner recipe

Comment below, what is your favorite kind of jewelry to wear? Fun big earrings, simple layered necklaces, rings on every finger?


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