Hands Free Tool Keychain!

COVID-19 has changes the ways of living for all of us. One major change is no more physical contact with surfaces. You may be asking how is that possible to have no contact with surfaces? The answer is with the new Hands Free Tool Keychain. This keychain is used for many purposes to help lessen the spread of germs but it is also convenient to use in all public places.

The Hands Free Tool Keychain can be used for opening doors! The Keychain is shaped as a key, the hook of this can be used to pull open a door while you are not in direct contact with this surface.

Pushing doors open is no problem with this key chain!

Push open doors with Hands Free Tool Keychain

Never touch buttons again! When using an ATM pressing buttons that so many other people have touched is another way people spread germs. With this keychain, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Hands Free Tool Keychain for keypads

These key chains come in 5 different colors, Leopard, Tie Dye, Camo, Black and White Polka Dot and Serape Stripe! For more information on these key chains visit us on Facebook, Instagram or click the first picture for a link to our web sight.

Which would you pick???

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