How it Fits: Druzy Stud Earrings

My beautiful sister-in-law Steffy saw our Druzy stud earrings and liked them. But then came the question, “How big are they?”

I know online shopping is tough sometimes but we can make it so much easier thanks to videos!

So there ya go! Now that you know the size of the Druzy studs. What do we do with them??!!!

Oh so many things.

Strawberry Druzy Earrings


Rose Gold is a really popular accessory option this year. I see it holding strong for quite a while to come too.

If you want to hop on the rose gold jewelry trend- order up a pair of the druzy stud earrings in the color “strawberry”.



Dark Sparkle Druzy Earrings


The dark sparkle is so easy to wear with so many colors.

I love how it can really dress up an outfit.





Silver Druzy Earrings



Sometimes when we are wearing a knit scarf as part of the outfit, earrings can be a pain. They get caught in the yarn. You pull your ear, you snag your scarf and it’s a battle ALL day.


When you wear a stud earring like this- problem solved! Grab a pair or 2 to make your style easier & perfectly great!

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