How it Fits: My Favorite Tee

I am wearing it again today!!! It really has become “My Favorite Tee” and I think you NEED to know about it!

Favorite Tee in Navy

So this t-shirt is made from a super soft fabric. It is a fabric I want to put on.


The flowing body & long design is great for every busy woman I know. We all love a long t-shirt like the my favorite tee.


So, here is the thing, STYLE CAN BE AS EASY AS 1-2-3.


This is a perfect “1”. A 1 is a closet basic. Closet basics are where you start to build a great closet of easy, comfortable style. The “my favorite tee” is right where you need to start.


Here is the video to help you get the size you need:

So once you have the basic- Let’s grab a “2”. The 2 stands for a fashion piece. These are items that are trending- like a certain color of the season, a pattern (like florals this year) or something that just sets you apart.

This long kimono is a great one!   Long Kimono with Tassel


The last is “3”- that is the details. So we have a basic. We have a fun fashion piece. Now we had details- jewelry and other accessories.

Since this top is a solid color. It’s a good idea to break that up with a long necklace. Check this one out:

Fringe Mandala Necklace


Now I bet you can see it now too- we ALL need a “Favorite Tee”>>> Find your perfect, favorite t-shirt HERE!

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