How to keep Jewelry Untangled while Traveling

Travel Tip! Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you have to limit your style and pretty details that are the cherry on top of a cute outfit.

Find yourself a Jewelry Roll! A Jewelry Organizer! Or a Jewelry Case! These tools will make travel so much easier and keep you looking amazing!

In this video Jessica, Ava Grace Fashion’s owner, shows us how to use a jewelry roll but any of the tools we now have here at Ava Grace will do and can be used similarly.

  • The Jewelry Organizer is used for a garment bag and can be looped over your hanger to hold jewelry for each outfit while you travel.
  • The Jewelry Case will take up a bit more room in your luggage but is the epitome of segmented organization.
  • The Jewelry Roll is flexible and accommodates a good amount of jewels to keep your style at full expression!

Come visit us in person here at Ava Grace Fashions in Ellicottville, NY but first grab one of the accessory tools to make you trip here (or anywhere) easier (AND CUTER!)

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