How to wear a Faux Fur Collar 4

How to wear a FAUX FUR COLLAR?

Fur Collar Style

As winter settles in, I cannot be the only one looking for fun ways to warm up & be stylish.

Once I got my hands on the faux fur collar, I was hooked. Such versatility, style &quality of faux fur is so hard to find!

So what do we partner this with? Let me give you a few ideas!

Fur Collar worn 4 ways

Your favorite sweater! You will feel so cozy!




Add it to your awesome winter coat~this fur collar screams winter wonderland!!



That amazing red¬†fringe poncho¬†with your comfy leggings that is your perfect Christmas & Valentine’s Day outfit. Way to add a touch of class & warmth!!



Do you know anyone getting married this December, January or February where it’s snowy? I can see this with her amazing wedding dress.



I was a little cautious but I love this look! I love the look of a fur collar SOMETIMES & this collar gives ME the control over my look.

You can add this to anything & get the look without taking up space in your closet for an item that is so limited like a fur collar sweater. This is such a winner!

Comment below, where would you wear this??


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