Introducing Ava Grace Fashions

Ellicottville, NY based Ava Grace Fashions opened online this month at Grace Store Front The online boutique primarily sells women wear – such as dresses, tops and shoes. Upcoming offerings will include the addition of lingerie, leggings and fashionable winter wear along with other uniquely designed home products in the near future! Shipping is available in the US & Canada.

At the core of AGF is the mantra

“THINK GREEN”. With fabrics made from bamboo, organic cotton and affordable styles ethically made in the US;  AVA GRACE FASHIONS is all about feeling great and finding affordable, sustainable clothing.

AVA GRACE FASHIONS is brought to you by a familiar face around Ellicottville, NY; Jessica Maynard-Gilbert!  After managing a local boutique, she has spread her wings to start something of her own.

Ava Grace Fashions

Jessica is drawn to the story behind the creation of each one of Ava Grace products, and she enjoys educating customers about the diverse history and benefits of sustainable clothing and accessories.

Jessica is all about her “Ava Grace Gals” and helping them build confidence, achieve a sense of fashion no matter their style while also considering the Earth and being “Green” conscience! She doesn’t just think “Green” she “lives green” as well!

AGF tagline

Jessica also loves creating an amazing community for women via her Facebook page found at You will find more than just sales there but also fun, humor, sustainability facts and fashion tips no matter your fashionista level and she makes is all as easy as possible.

Also, enter to win a monthly prize when you participate in their “Weekly Style Challenge” Facebook group at

So stop over and check out her newest adventure!

Make sure to sign up for a coupon code while you’re there.

sustainable fashion boutique founder

founder of ava grace fashions an eco friendly boutique focusing on mindful buying practices

Contact: Jessica Maynard-Gilbert



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