Making an Outfit: Criss-Cross Tank

May the 4th be with you!!! #starwarsfangirl LOL Today we are going to put together a great relaxed and awesome outfit for you using our 1-2-3 style method. Video at the bottom too!

1. Is a Basic-closet basics & neutral colors fall here. We have to make sure we have enough of these in our closet. This week we are using the  Flowy Tank with the Tie Neck Detail. Right now we have it in stock in 3 colors:


Black Flowy Tank Top with Tie Neck Detail  Tie Neck Tank in Plum  Tie Neck Tank in Grey


2. We then partner it up with some Fashion Pieces. These are trendy items, think patterns and colors of the season.

Skinny Ponte Pants  Lacy Kimono White on White  Embroidered Shawl  Stripe Ruana


3. Add some details- these are jewelry & scarves to complete the look. Because of the criss cross detail at the neck of the flowy tank I am going to stear away from necklaces. Most necklaces will just compete with this tie front top. So lets add some great earrings & statement bracelets for a put together outfit!

leather cut out tear drop earrings hanging from a coffee mug  Silver Message Bangle Bracelet  Gold Tear Drop Earrings with Brown, Turqouise & Pearly beading details in a fish hook style earring.


Put this all together 1-2-3 & easy style is done!!!


Click any photo to go directly to the item & most of these combinations will get your shopping cart up over $50 to get yourself FREE US Shipping!!!! Happy Shopping!



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