Messy Bun Hat

Have you gals seen this great, new trend? The Messy Bun hat!!!

I have long hair & I wear my hair in a messy bun or pony tail nearly daily. Winter hats + these hair styles…well they don’t mix. I look silly honestly so I don’t wear one. And many days, since I live in the North Eastern part of the USA, I am freezing!

So when I started seeing these Messy Bun Hats all over social media, I was very excited! BUT I am NOT, NOT, NOT (I repeat NOT) crafty and I am BUSY, BUSY, BUSY (I repeat BUSY). So what was I to do???

Enter an awesome local artist! Anita is the mom of a friend of mine from high school. She doesn’t have a website or etsy but she does have some of her knitted headbands in my store. So we got chatting & decided to try it!

Check out the styles in the video below:

So at the time this post was posted, I have each of the colors in the messy bun hats available. They are only $20 US with $5 shipping but I don’t have them listed on the website. So please email me or check out the Ava Grace Fashions facebook page where you can always comment to buy anything from a post or video 😀 (Update as of 2/4/17- black sparkle & mint are left)

Comment below, are you crafty, do you wear winter hats, will this help you??

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