Mistakes that Sabotage Your Morning Routine

Gals, you have suffered enough in the mornings. It is time for a change. I’m going to share with you three easy tips for making your morning routines easier and more enjoyable. 

You’re running late for work because your alarm didn’t go off like you thought it would and if it wasn’t for the sun peaking through the window you would have stayed in bed forever. Walking to your closet your already trying to figure out in your head what to wear. Nothing is coming to mind and you realize that your running out of time. 

  1. Don’t panic it’s a key factor of what is ruining your morning. If you are late and don’t know what to wear, pull out some dress pants or jeans, get your my favorite tee shirt out and watch your outfit come together piece by piece. Grab your favorite long necklace and put on a blazer. Go with a comfortable shoe and your set for your long day of work and every event after work. 
  2. Always have a game plan in the morning. When you don’t have a game plan life just goes crazy and then you panic and we all can agree that panicking is not fun. You should pick out your outfit the night before if you have time. Have an idea of how you want your hair to be and what the fastest way to accomplish that is. 
  3. Do not skip breakfast! We have all been told this before and unfortunately that’s the one thing we all tend to take lightly if we are running late. Ladies, we all would rather look put together and deal with the hunger than look like a mess and say “ at least I ate.” Not panicking and having a game plan are ways that you can help yourself look put together and also stay healthy. There are so many benefits with having a game plan that you should never feel the need to panic or feel like you have to skip out on breakfast. 

Ladies I know we get stressed about life and all that we have to do but we just have to learn to take things step by step. Life is going to be hectic at times and we are going to have those days where we are running late. That’s okay! Just remember what’s important. Staying healthy and beautiful. There are going to be times when a game plan gets messed up and that’s okay too. You’re a beautiful woman who can do anything she sets her mind to and you have an amazing outfit to help boost your confidence.

Written by Rebecca Isaman~Ava Grace Stylist

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