My favorite childhood memory of shoes!

Written by Rebecca Isaman~ Ava Grace Stylist

It was winter and my sister and I were all bundled up to go outside and play in the snow. At the time we had a creek where in the summertime we had built a dam to pool the water so we could swim and cool off. There were apple trees that were great for climbing and awesome for just sitting and relaxing.

During the winter that place became a winter wonderland for us. As my sister and I raced down to our wonderland, we forgot what my mom had warned us about.  As we reached the creek with the dam we noticed how it was frozen and sparkled in the sunlight.

My little sister was looking a little too close and slipped into the creek, luckily it wasn’t deep and only her boot got stuck. So I pulled her out, wrapped her foot in my scarf so she wouldn’t get frostbite, loaded her on my back and started the long journey home. We were halfway to the house when my mom saw us from the window and came running outside to help my sister get inside faster. When your little you have little legs, they don’t go as fast and with about 50lb extra on your back it makes you even slower.

After getting my little sister warmed up my mom and I went back down to the creek to find my sister’s boot but failed to retrieve it. 

That day hasn’t been forgotten by any of us. We know it as the day a boot made my family realize how much I love my sister and would do anything for her. If it wasn’t for the ice and her boot being stuck in the water, my sister would have no idea how much I love her or my family.

Needless to say it is one of my favorite memories because of how beautiful that day was and how special that moment was between my sister and I. 

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