This is a list of products & services that I use in store or in my life that you can get a discount for using my referral link and I will be compensated with referral credit OR compensation. I only list things I LOVE!!

Sarah Jenks- Modern Day Priestess bringing ritual & sacred to everyday to help women realize their fullest soul self: 

Healy Frequency Balance- explore the world of bioenergetics & how balancing frequencies can lead to better wellness & a thriving lifestyle. My referral link:

Stainless Steel Permanent Jewelry- Join my team & I can train you to add this income stream to your busy life, your spa, salon, medi spa or boutique- online, mobile or bricks & mortar. Start kit is just $175:

Young Living Essential Oils- love these and use the oils and some supplements DAILY. Check it here:

Wild Pastures- Grass fed and Pasture Raised Meats delivered to your house. Love the convenience & great taste. Get $20 off here:

Vibration Plate from LifePro is something I do 3-7 days/ week. Improving lymph drainage big time. They have other sauna and fitness products. I have the 4D all in one. Get $25 off your first order here:

Thrive Life- we don't have access to great groceries locally so this is a great way to supplement. Get 40% off your first order.

Misfit Market- organic veggies shipped to your door, save $10 when you use this link:  

AG1- Athletic Greens are a great tasting green drink that is a super boost in the AM, get great extras when you buy via my link: 

Business Life:

Square- get free credit card processing on the first $1000 using this link:

Shopify- great POS or website that I use: 

Omnisend- the company I use to send my emails to all my customers: