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Covid-19 and quarantine…it’s a pretty uncertain time. Moms are now teachers. People who feel their value from their work are now home and having to redefine themselves. People are working but wondering did touching that door handle just put me and my family in danger??

2020 has come in like a lion, on a sugar high and is whirling like a Tasmanian Devil with all of us holding on tight for the ride

I know a lot of people who thought 2019 was terrible. Today it feels like 2020 said “Hold my beer and watch this!”

To help you all to connect, Ava Grace has continued with weekly videos on Facebook, emails to your inbox and created a fun new way to “Send-A-Smile”. With the new product offer, you choose a gift package level.

Brighten Someone's Day with a Gift

Choose $17, $27, $37 or $47.

Then use the “notes” section of checkout to tell us a bit about the person receiving the gift. A favorite color, pattern or ideas are welcome as helpers to choose the gift package to fit well. And of course any special note you want us to include to them.

Lastly, we will choose a fun gift package to send to that friend, hero, sister, sister-in-law or co-worker and a personalized note from you to them to complete their “Send-a-Smile”.

If you are looking to just do more, you can buy a “Send-a-Smile” and write DONATE in the notes section at checkout. We are working with local charity organizations and have a list of people nominated to fulfill as well.

Nominate a nurse, a teacher, a friend, a hero, a mom to be the recipient of our donated Send-a-Smile gift packages. We have set up a nomination page HERE!

Once this who Covid-19 thing has passed and it WILL PASS, we will use this for easy gift giving for birthdays, new jobs and celebrations in general. BUT for now, I would love to reconnect YOU with your people; the ones you miss, the ones you are thinking about, the ones you are praying for or the ones you know may feel alone. We can SEND-A-SMILE together!

Send a Smile is a gift giving program to brighten someone's day.

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