Staying Safe While Going Out!

Here at Ava Grace Fashions we have so many new things to help YOU to feel more comfortable when going out in public.

We have our button headbands which help to hold your mask in place instead of having it hang on your ears. Not only are these headbands great for holding your mask in place but they are also extremely fashionable. Holding those little fly away hairs back from your face and holding your mask at the same time! These headbands are a must have when going out.

Button Headbands in use

Ava Grace Fashions is now selling hand sanitizer in small easy to carry tubes. These don’t take up a lot of room like other sanitizers do so you don’t have to worry about if they will fit in your purse or not.

clip spray hand sanitizer

Having a mask on has become a new normal when going out in public. But they can be so ugly at times or they don’t go with your outfit. We’ve got the perfect thing for you! Our masks are fashionable, comfortable and breathable.

pink floral mask

Don’t like these types of masks because they only serve one purpose? We have something for you as well. Our Swoop and Loop fashion bandeau can be worn 7 different ways. It can be worn as a headband, scarf/ neck warmer, mask, sweat band, headscarf, ponytail holder, and hat! Not only can they be worn multiple different ways but they also come in many different patterns and colors.

American Flag Bandeau

Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to actually wash your hands with soap or if you have kids that have sticky fingers and you don’t want them touching anything. Ava Grace Fashions has portable soap sheets. I know it sounds crazy but these are little paper-thin sliver of soap that are stored in a dry container and all you need to do to activate the soap in them is get them wet. They then become a lather. They are so small and convenient for your use whenever you need them. Camping, the Farmer’s Market…clean hands can now prevail!

Portable Soap Paper

Don’t want to touch anything when going out in public anymore? Not a problem, the hands free tool key chain that was mentioned in a previous blog, is exactly what you need. With this key chain, you don’t have to worry about touching doors, electronics, or keyboards. This is a perfect new and innovative tool that can be used to limit your contact with surfaces. Safety first!

Hands Free Tool Keychain in 5 colors

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