Your Next Summer Picnic~Made Easy 2

Summer is full of get-togethers. Summer picnics, barbecues, pool parties & bonfires fill our weekends as we get outside to enjoy the nice weather. We celebrate graduations, weddings & just the joys of living.

So why do some of us get all stressed out over it! I don’t know. Here are some tips!

Summer Picnic Tips

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Check your Weather App– you want to dress appropriately. Sometimes that means layering so you can take a layer off if it gets warm or packing your favorite hoodie or scarf or poncho for over your shoulders on a chilly evening. Toss that in your car & you won’t regret it later!

Sophie Cape-White

Great for a Chilly Summer Evening!

~A cute umbrella or rain boots can be as much an accessory as a scarf or necklace! You will enjoy the next summer picnic so much more if you are dressed with the day in mind. And let’s face it, these rain boots are cute!!!



Bring a Hostess Gift– it isn’t always expected but how special will the hostess feel if you think to do a little something special just for her. If you think you are stressed out about going to the summer picnic, imagine how she feels!!

I think a nice wine or bottle of whatever makes that cocktail she loves. Just something small & thoughtful. Something as simple as the pretty floral napkins you saw & she can break them out now or use them at her next party. A thank you note you can tuck in her kitchen to find and be surprised later will really be encouraging as she cleans up the aftermath of this day.

rose wine winery of ellicottville

The Winery of Ellicottville is a great local choice!

Bring a Good Attitude & a Smile–  smiley a summer picnic is a time to connect or re-connect with friends and family. So, check the negativity at the door!  Be there to give and receive joy.

~Play yard game. Learn more about your neighbor.  Talk to your nephew about his hopes for the future. Laugh, maybe till it hurts. Tell ghost stories or teach your children about what you did when you were young. Chase fireflies. Make s’mores. Enjoy. Live.


What are you doing differently at your next Summer Picnic??

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