Teacher Appreciation Week 2019

May 6-10, 2019 is Teacher Appreciation Week for this year. We all have at least one teacher who made a huge impact on our lives. Mrs. Moritz, Mrs. Krenzer, Mrs. Abbey and Mr. Zanghi stick out for me. Who was it for YOU?

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches you need a few ideas for things to send in with your kids to the people that are going to be memories that make them smile in about 20 years.

First, a great tote for all the papers that head home with our favorite teachers!

Or we can choose a great coffee mug for all the coffee our teachers need to keep them going all day.

Last, we all know a Fashionista Teacher who would love some jewels or a fun scarf.

Whatever you do, if you want to send a token of appreciation these are just a drop in the barrel of the ideas.

I promise any gift will be appreciated and probably cherished by those teachers for years to come!

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