The bra that changed my life!!!!

Living life wearing a bra every day it’s the same old thing. They pinch in the wrong places and then they end up fitting all wrong. They are either too big or too small. Bras make you pooch in the top or in the back they make those back roles poke out. The reality is no one likes the standard bra. Bras can be so uncomfortable especially with the wire in them, but you feel it’s the only thing that will support you, so you tolerate them.  

We are so excited to tell you about the amazing, comfortable, supportive, soft and lifting bra that people are loving. The Joy bra (formerly known as a Coobie Bra) is the only bra that fits women of so many sizes and makes you feel confident in so many situation. This bra has no wires in it. I know what you must be thinking, “how can a supportive bra have no wire and still support me?” This bra is no ordinary bra. Made with a soft material and removeable padding inside with a comfortable band around the bottom it gives more support than you would think.  

The Joy bra comes in different colors such as black, nude, white and pink. Here at Ava Grace Fashions, these bras are part of our third best selling brand. Our customers are not wrong! They stop in each time they are in town to add a new bra and bring their friends back in to get these super comfortable bras. 

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