The Off Shoulder Top: Versatile Style Guide- Everyday Casual Look 1

The Off Shoulder Top with Thumbholes has topic of conversation and for good reasons! This top is made from a comfortable fabric. 95% of women LOVE thumbholes in the cuff of their tops. And last, these patterns and this cut is so, so flattering.

We created a workplace outfit using this as a base in another post. Today let’s show you a everyday, casual outfit.
But Back to Basics:

1. Closet Basic or Neutral

2. Fashion Piece or Trendy Item

3. Add the Details

~Ava Grace 1-2-3 style

So for this everyday casual outfit:
Step 1- you are going to grab a great closet basic Black Off Shoulder Top. Next you are going to also add your favorite skinny jeans with perfect stretch and comfort.

Step 2- add a trendy item, the asymmetrical jacket with it’s animal print will take you through so many seasons. Also this looks great zipped all the way up, zipped just above the bust with the flaps folded out or can be worn completely unzipped like a cardigan.

Step 3- add your details by choosing great earrings. With the off shoulder neckline, I would avoid a short necklace. You don’t want your necklace and the neckline of the Off Shoulder Top competeing or clashing. A longer simple necklace will work great if you want to add a necklace.

Watch this video to see how the Off Shoulder Top fits
How to wear it...the Off Shoulder Top for an everyday, casual look.
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