The power of the headband

Headbands can be your best friend! A headband holds your hair away from your face while also being a stylish accessory but they can also give you the worst headaches ever if you wear them too long. I have some good news for you! You don’t have to worry about headaches with our headbands.

At Ava Grace Fashion we have headbands that go around your head providing for an all day wear and a stylish accessory. Plus these have buttons on the side so you can wear your face mask attached to the buttons instead of to your ears.

There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from! Having a headband is extremely useful. I usually drive with the windows down in the summer and my baby hairs end up making me look like a mess. Having these headbands when I’m driving makes sure my baby hair stays down and I look good at the same time.

I love these headbands! When I am feeling a little sassy these are perfect. You can dress these headbands up or down which is my favorite thing about them besides how comfortable they are.

Days at the beach are always so much fun except for beach hair. If you know anything about beach hair then you will know the wind likes to make a mess out of your hair along with bringing a little bit of sand just for the fun of it. These headbands can’t stop the sand from getting in your hair but they can help keep the hair out of your face.

If you like something a little simpler but still cute I recommend the solid colors. We do have more of the solid colors including light blue like the ocean, dark/ light gray and white. If you want a little extra color to your outfits these headbands give you exactly that. Not only are these headbands really comfortable and cute, they also have buttons on the sides of them so you don’t have to put your mask around your ears.

Everything in this photo can be found in Ava Grace Fashions on line or in store. For more ideas on outfits and how to accessorize your outfits visit us on Facebook and Instagram, Ava Grace Fashions.

In the past I have done blogs on how to accessorize your outfits and the “must have” items for accessorizing. Be sure to check those posts out for more information and tips! ~ Rebecca Isaman- Stylist

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