The Quarantine Life~Day 1 1

The Quarantine Life- Day 1 a story about trying new things to see what to keep as part of our new normal

So many of us now find ourselves looks very different than it did 2 weeks ago. If you are reading this in the future, Covid-19 (Corona Virus) has stopped the United States nearly in its tracks. Ava Grace is a boutique in Ellicottville NY and here we have schools closed, non-essential businesses closed and have been asked to stay home to stop the spread of it.

I and many people find themselves in a new world. Yes, there is “more time” but is there really? No. So I am trying some new things to see how well they fit in my life. And thought I could take you on this journey too because it may benefit you too. I will try these few things a day then at the end see which I want to keep around after the world goes back to normal (because I know it will go back to more normal)!

Breathe~ in our Facebook Live videos we’ve been talking about things to do to help calm ourselves down. I showed how to do something called Box Breathing. You breathe in for a count of 4, hold for 4 then breathe out for 4 and hold out for 4.


Shop Local ONLINE~ Amazon and Wal-mart are not your ONLY online options Gals! Shopping online will have a huge long term effect on YOUR community. The shops that sponsor your ball teams, donate to basket raffles and are there for your community are now in a tough spot. It’s 100% responsible to close up to flatten the curve of this virus to protect lives of others and of health care workers. But being creative to support these shops so they can reopen after the social distancing is lifted is also important too.

During this limited travel time I am getting more creative with my online shopping- is there a local computer shop that has your printer ink that is doing free shipping or curbside pickup? Does the small local Butcher shop have it instead of the huge big box grocery store? Ours in Ellicottville has house-made flavored vinegars and oils and local cheeses and pastas and jellies as well as their meat selections. You can’t see your family at a birthday or special time? Is there a local gift shop or boutique that will gleefully package up a special something with a special note to ship on your behalf? Get creative!!!

send a smile is a gift program provided by Ava Grace Fashions

Pinterest~ I am spending more time on Pinterest than on Facebook. Why? you might ask. Well, Facebook is full of negativity and sometimes mis-information and panic really. My feed is also full of people judging that one for not distancing enough or that one for not home schooling the same or this president sucks and the democrats are awful. As a solution …PINTEREST! There are far fewer politics and opinions and way more inspirational quotes and food ideas. For now I look at only certain groups on Facebook and our business page and groups in an effort to bring some light and happiness to the platform.

Ava Grace Fashions is on Pinterest at

So What are you going to try today?

What are your thoughts, comment below!

Quarantine Life is a diary of  trying new things on the way to a new normal.

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One thought on “The Quarantine Life~Day 1

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    I’ve been quarantined as well but but mostly cause I choose to do so cause I have bad anxiety. Anyways, I liked reading your story about it because sometimes I think its fake and just something that the media is making a fuss over. But, after seeing someone so far away going through it too, it makes it a lot more real. I feel sorry for everyone and if China can get through it we can too. So just high hopes for now and definitely believe. After this is over there will be room for lots of babies.