The Quarantine Life~Day 2

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Everyday now is a little different. The beginning of March is nothing like beginning of April. Maybe you are off work…having to redefine who you are without your “WORK”. Maybe you are suddenly homeschooling…hoping you are doing things right. Maybe you are out in a work as “essential” but worry about a virus that has spread throughout the United States and the world.

Normal will return but will it be the same normal? I hope not. These blog articles are a chronicle of things to try. See if they fit. See if this will become part of a new normal!

Do the things- there are so so many things on your to do list. Get a few off. The funniest thing is there is a meme popping around that says “I just spent 7 minutes doing the thing I’ve been putting off for 6 months.” It’s funny because it’s true. So often we put things off that will take moments. I don’t know why….but not today. Take a thing or 2 off that list. Order that thing. Put that other thing away. Go through that drawer and toss the junk. Take the 7 minutes! DO-THE-THINGS!!

It just took me 7 minutes to do the thing I've been putting off for 6 months meme joke.

Keep washing your hands- so all this change and social distancing is because of a virus. So science tells us to slow the movement of this thing that is not alive is to break it’s shell (that is my visual of it- may not be exact science-LOL)

So say yes to soap (we have pocket size paper thin slices of soap coming to the store as I type this- hope they arrive soon) AND SING!!! I know it’s ridiculous but you need to use the friction of rubbing hands together and the soap to break up the virus but you should wash for at least 20 seconds. Did you know the theme song to The Golden Girls is a good option? I know every word and actually demonstrated this on one of our Facebook Live videos.

Wow Wednesday!!!

Posted by Ava Grace Fashions on Wednesday, March 18, 2020
This is a Wow Wednesday Video from our Facebook page but the last minute is me singing the theme song and “washing my hands”

Be Thankful- the world is a little off right now. No one can deny that. There are a lot of things that are out of control. One thing we can be in control of is seeing the good. Be thankful for all the things that are still the same, for the things that have changed for the better, for the time to see how different your life could be, for the people you love, for the comfortable clothes, for the little things. If we take the time to see this shelter-in place (in some places) and social distancing as medicine that is here to show you something, we can re-frame things from being stuck at home to being safe at home. Be thankful and gentle with yourself and your family right now.

Which idea from today’s blog are you excited to try? Comment below to share!

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