Tips for shopping on-line!

By: Rebecca Isaman- Ava Grace Stylist

Due to COVID-19 shopping has been made more challenging. If you are used to going into the stores to try on clothes or find their quality, that isn’t as easy and now many of you are relying on on-line shopping. For those of you beautiful ladies who always shop on-line there is nothing to out of the normal for you now.

Ladies!!! Don’t fell intimidated by shopping on-line. I am going to give you some tips about shopping on-line.

  • Be specific with your searches.

When shopping on-line it is easy to find things that you like but then have no where to buy that item. The other day I looked up sneakers and I found a pair of platform sneakers that I really liked but there was no link to where I could buy them. This made me a little upset. I tried looking “platform sneakers,” to see what would come up and I found everything except for the sneakers I wanted. I decided to look up “Betsey Jonson platform sneakers” and by golly I found them. My tip is be specific with your searches and make sure you have the brand name because that can help a lot.

FYI- on our Ava Grace website at the bottom is a handy-dandy search bar!

  • Find a site you can trust and know has good quality products.

When shopping on-line look up places that you have shopped with before in person or online. If you are looking to branch out and shop somewhere new, look at the reviews and comments from other people who shopped with them. Everyone is different and will have different point of views but in the end, doing a little more research may save you from a scam-so many look or use boutique photos but are not a small reliable business, getting a product you don’t like or doesn’t have good quality, or simply not being able to exchange the product.

  • Lastly shopping on-line is easier than shopping in stores because you can see how different people liked or disliked an item.

When you shop on-line, most stores ask you to leave comments and ratings of the products or how their service was. If you have the time or a chance to leave a comment and rate the store, I recommend you do so. This is not only beneficial for other shoppers who may be new to the store or the products, but it also helps people working in the shops or online to do better and enhance their performance to make shopping easier and more efficient for the customer.

Here at Ava Grace Fashions we want to make shopping easy and relaxing.

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