May Day!

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Do you remember May Day? May 1st!

Probably kindergarten is when I remember may Day. It was all about the May Pole and the ribbons and weaving that to decorate the pole and flowers and springtime. I hope you have a sweet memory like I do....let me know in the comments or via email!

As a grown up I've spent less time noticing, let alone celebrating Spring. In my Holy Woman group they talk about and encourage celebration of Beltane- the ancient holiday celebrated in this spring time. This beautiful time of new beginnings and renewal. So I thought of 4 ways we can celebrate this year:

1. Make Beltane Lemonade.

I found this fun recipe and thought how bright and fun that the magical aspects of the ingredients. Isn't nature interesting!?

beltane lemonade recipe

2. Pick or buy FRESH FLOWERS!

Enjoy what nature is giving you OR support your local floral shop or greenhouse. I am a huge fan of my friend Nicolette's local business Flowers off the Farm.

3. WEAR Flowers too!

We have so many beautiful flowers on accessories and tops. Check them all out by searching flower, floral, bloom. Here are a bunch that you can click & go directly to the style:

            cali flower earringws           Amelia Floral top  

There are so many more options so don't forget to use that search bar and search flowers, floral and bloom. So many treasures for ALL spring!

4. Go on a Nature Hike!

Find a local trail to explore on this day. Take some of that lemonade you made from above or a big water bottle. Getting into nature is so healing. Use mother nature as a place to do a visualization to lay or stand on the earth and envision anything that is not for your best interest can drip off your and compost the earth.

Do you have a May Day memory, a Beltane celebration or Spring tradition?


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