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Back to School is fast approaching. Summer is coming to an end. As my grandma would say," I hate when I see corn start to come up. By the time its ready to eat it means fall is coming and after that the cold winter." There are a few things that I love about summer coming to an end and one of those things is all the comfy clothes I get to pull out of storage. Not to mention the shopping spree I can take because of back to school deals. Speaking of back to school, Ava Grace Fashions has some incredibly cute clothes perfect for all the teachers who are heading back to school. Here are a few really cute back to school outfit ideas that would have you feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time. Here are a few great fashion ideas for teachers going back to school. 

The comfy yet fashionable teacher look. This look in my mind is based off one of my favorite teachers. She was always so cute with her style and you could tell she was always comfortable. I give a lot of credit to teachers because they have to teach stubborn children, teens and young adults. Growing up with 3 younger sisters and experiencing how different each of them are has really helped me appreciate what teachers have to go through. So to all the beautiful women who are teachers, here is a comfortable yet still professional outfit that you can rock while at school. The Butterfly Floral Tank is a comfortable, professional and bright shirt that is paired nicely with Pink, Green, or White pants. Add a snap cardigan and a comfortable show and you have a comfortable and stylish outfit for back to school!


The next outfit is more on the casual side. My high school used to have a Friday casual day for teachers where teachers could pay $5 to wear jeans to school. This money was then put into a scholarship for seniors going to college! So if any of you teachers have a casual dress day, here is an outfit for you. The Carson Leopard Blush Tee is one of my favorites. This shirt can easily be worn with jeans and sneakers if you so choose. Add a long necklace, gold or silver look very cute with this shirt and you have a comfortable cute outfit that still looks professional. If you wanted to wear this shirt dressed up, you could always wear white pants with it or even gray pants too. 


I am so excited for back to school! I hope you are too. Thank you teachers for putting up with all of us kids who can sometimes be a pain in the butt. You impact our lives more than you could ever imagine. 

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