Let's Go Buffalo Bills!!!

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With the Bills advancing in the Playoffs, let's show even more support for our home team. How can we do that though? I'm about to tell you. Through your closet! At Ava Grace Fashions we have a few items for your closet that can help you show support for the Buffalo Bills.

It's game night and you don't know what to wear. Luckily you stopped at Ava Grace Fashions when they opened this morning and bought a my favorite T-shirt, navy blue and a red and blue print snap cardigan. These two tops put together make the perfect outfit for the Bills Game. To add a little more to your outfit, you bought a silver necklace and a pair of denim jeans to complete it. Game night is gonna be so good and now you can have the perfect and fashionable outfit to show team spirit. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!

Print Snap Cardigan-Shop-Womens-Boutique-ClothingDestroyed Boyfriend Jeans-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Clothing

Want another outfit to support the bills? No problem! Check out our Red, White, Blue and yellow triangle blanket scarf! This scarf goes really well in the fall and winter seasons and is a great accessory to add to an outfit to make it look more put together. It looks great with a pair of denim and a red blouse or regular t-shirt! To add a little more spirit to your outfit, you can add a red cable knit hat to go with your outfit for the game. You're all set to show your support of the Buffalo Bills with an awesome outfit! Lets' Go!!!

Triangle Blanket Scarf ~ Red White Blue Yellow-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Clothing

If you like any of the items in the picture be sure to check them out online at AvaGraceFashions.com or follow us on Facebook, instagram or Tik Tok to receive updates about our products. 


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