Mothers Day is Approaching!!!

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We are only a few weeks away from Mothers Day! Sometimes I feel like every day should be Mothers Day because they do so much for us. They have been there for us from the moment we were born. They have taken care of us through the good days and the bad days. Your mom is the one person in this world that you know you can go to no matter what. She's the one that worries about you (maybe at times a little bit too much) but is still there for you when you mess up or accomplish something. She's your biggest supporter and your #1 fan. This Mothers Day show your mom how much she means to you with a nice card, a hug and a great gift. 

My mom is a hard person to shop for at times which makes things a little stressful when it comes to gifts. So here are some gift ideas that I know I can get her and I know she will love. 

One thing I know she loves is perfume but she has sensitive skin and can't wear alcohol based perfume. Ava Grace Fashions has a line of perfume called Mix.o.logie. These are small roller bottle perfumes that are oil based instead of alcohol based which means when my mom wears them, she doesn't break out or get a rash from it. There are many different cents each one unique and smelling amazing. One of my favorite things about Mix.o.logie is that you can mix multiple cents to create your own unique cent. Another gift I know my mom will love is the "Mama needs a raise" graphic design t-shirt. This shirt is so cute with a pair of jeans or shorts along with flexible in sizes so I know if I get the wrong size she will most likely still be able to wear it. Not only is it easy to make an outfit out of, it is also comfortable. 




If your mom isn't really into perfume and t-shirts like mine is, don't worry! Ava Grace Fashions has some other really great gift ideas. If your mom is into jewelry here are a few of my favorite pieces. The round filigree pendant necklace is a beautiful piece that has a unique and elegant style to it. It can be worn as a long necklace or a short one. Who doesn't love a 2 in 1 deal! Another one of my favorite jewelry pieces is the "mom ring." This ring is a simple band with the word "mom" on it. It is so cute and a great Mothers Day gift if your mom is into jewelry. Another gift ideas is scarves. Scarves are easily one of my favorite accessories when it comes to styling outfits and making them look more put together. A scarf can be styled in many different ways and they look good on anyone. 



Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there!


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