Inspirational Outfits for 4th of July!!!

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This 4th of July lets celebrate our freedom while looking stylish as ever. How do we do that? Well lucky for you I am going to give you 2 great outfit ideas for that 4th of July party you are attending in a few days. Not only am I gonna give you 2 great outfit ideas but also 3 good gift ideas for the host of the party. If you are the host then send this to your guests so they can get a hint. 

For the first outfit lets plan on the 4th being sunny and hot. Ava Grace Fashions has an adorable and patriotic USA graphic tee that is perfect for the 4th of July or any day that you are feeling a little extra patriotic. Who says you can't wear patriotic clothing anytime of the year! Pair the graphic tee with the Jamie frayed hem denim shorts and you have the majority of your outfit already done. Now all you need is a cute pair of shoes and Ava Grace Fashions has the perfect pair to go with this outfit. The Corky's navy starts babalu sneakers are so cute and perfect for a 4th of July party where you are on your feet for a little while or even just sitting and showing them off. 


If you are in a place where the 4th of July is going to be chilly, rainy and indoors, don't worry, you can still look fabulous and patriotic at the same time. If you don't want something as out going as a USA tee shirt, no problem. There are some other ways that you can be patriotic without being over the top. The red and white stripe dolman tee is a comfortable loose fitting shirt that gives off a subtle patriotic vibe. Pare this shirt with the everyday skinny jean and you have completed a subtle patriotic outfit. If you want to make the outfit complete you can always add some jewelry to look more put together!

  Everyday Skinny Jeans~ Dark Denim Jeans-Shop-Womens-Boutique-Clothing   

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