How to Style Your Favorite Tee!

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This week I've been loving my shorts and tee shirts. For the summer it is probably one of the easiest outfits to wear and put together which also means that it can be the most boring outfit. I was finding that I was wearing the same couple tee shirts and my favorite shorts over and over again. It was like I was cycling this outfit so much that I was beginning to feel bored with it. I kept asking myself how I could make this outfit more stylish without giving up the comfort of it. Here's some ideas that I found that helped me enhance my outfit in small ways. 

My favorite tee shirt is from Ava Grace Fashions and it says " Underestimate me that will be fun." I love that it is a V-neck and the material is so soft its like you're wearing a cloud. One of the ways I wear my favorite tee shirt is tying it in the front or the side. This is very common when it comes to styling an over sized tee shirt. It is really simple and easy to do this and it makes your outfit look so much cuter and more put together. An easy adjustment to help enhance your outfit. 


Another way your tee shirt can be worn is by tucking it in. This is also a common way to wear a tee shirt or any type of shirt. I like tucking my shirts in the front and letting the shirt be longer in the back. I also like tucking my shirts in all the way around and tugging on it a little to make it look messy yet put together at the same time.


If you don't like the idea of tying or tucking in your shirt then leave it loose and add some jewelry. This little addition can make an outfit. I recommend if you have any sort of graphic tee shirt on add a shorter necklace so it doesn't take away from the shirt. If you are wearing a plain tee shirt I recommend adding a longer necklace to help give your outfit some character.

I hope these three tips for how to style your tee shirt has helped inspire you to do something different with your summer outfits. Shop in store or at or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms for updates on products and sales. 



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