How to Find Your Personal Style

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We all go through that weird phase in life where we don't know exactly know what our style is. I was looking back at some of my old photos the other day and oh my word. How did I ever let myself go out in public with some of those outfits. Who else has had the same thoughts while looking back at photos? Personally I feel like I've come a long way when it comes to style. It has taken a while though to find my style. We as women are constantly changing in appearance it feels like. For example, I gained five pounds just looking at a pizza in the frozen food isle. Guess I won't be wearing my jeans for awhile. Just kidding. You get the point though. So how do you find your style? 

Finding your style can be challenging at times. For me personally being more on the curvy side, there are some things that don't look good on me. That being said some women may feel completely fine wearing things that I am not fine with and all the power to you if you're that woman. I wish I was. Here are a few tips that helped me find my style. 


This may be shocking but shopping played a huge roll in me finding my style. Not only did I shop though, I tried things on and I told myself "you'll never know unless you try it." What harm can be done when you are trying on clothes? The worst case is that you decide you don't like it and its not your style. I know right now with stores not having their dressing rooms open this can be challenging. There are ways to get around that though. One way you can still shop without trying things on is by ordering them and trying them on in your own home and if they don't work, return them. Now if that is too much work, you can always call the store you're shopping at and ask some questions about the product. I love when a customer calls me at Ava Grace Fashions and asks me about a product. Most stores have stylists like me who are there to help you find your style. Take advantage of that! We stylists love it. 

Another way I found my style is by looking up trends and finding inspiration through social media. I used Pinterest a lot to find outfit ideas that I could pull together without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. There are so many styles that there is always something for everyone. Sometimes it just hard to find your style. 

Remember that finding your style should be a journey not a destination. Fashion is always changing. You're style and taste in clothing is always going to be changing. Be open about your wardrobe and try new things because you never know what you may find. Here at Ava Grace Fashions, we are always getting new products in that are unique and comfortable while still being fashionable. 

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