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This spring there is a lot going on for all the moms with graduating seniors. There is so much planning to do in order to get ready for your son or daughters special day. There is the graduation party to plan and make arrangements for, their senior pictures, getting everything ready for them to head off to college or even move out. This all can be very stressful and time consuming but you do it because you love them and care about them. Lets fast forward a few months to their graduation ceremony. 

Your son or daughter is graduating in a week! You've been thinking. My child is about to graduate and start a new chapter of their life. I want to look good for this special occasion. What are you going to wear? A dress? Dress pants and a Dress shirt? Jeans and a nice blouse? Let me give you a few ideas to help you out.

If you are anything like my mom, you want to get lots of photos after the ceremony. For the special day, you want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The Bed of Roses Dress is a summery, stylish dress perfect for a graduation ceremony in the summer time. This dress can be paired with a cardigan, a hat, wedged heal and a stylish purse. Add a necklace of your choice and you're all set to look your best for those amazing photos with your son or daughter after the ceremony. 


Not feeling the dress but still want to be stylish without being casual? The Red Multi Palazzo Pants are stunning with a cream blouse and a pair of flats or tan heals. They are light, comfortable, stylish and have the perfect amount of flair at the bottom that they aren't quite bell bottoms. If it is a cooler day, you can also add a cardigan. One of my favorite pieces is the Madelyn Blue Kimono Romper. This piece is so easy to dress up or down. It is perfect for the summer time and can be worn at both your son or daughters graduation ceremony and their graduation party. This romper makes it easy to look stylish and put together while making you feel more comfortable and confident at the same time. 


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